We already track of a lot of things. Our todo list shouldn't be a part of it.

Life has already thrown a lot of things to keep a track of. Your todo list should not fall in to that category.

Task is just a todo list management app. Nothing more, nothing less. There are no categories, there are no multiple colors, folders. Just a plain simple single list of things you want to get done and got done.

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Tasks is simple and easy to use. It's beautiful design let the things flow seamlessly


We have build this app keeping one thing in mind, beauty! It has clean typography which will not clutter the view and your tasks not only look beautiful but will also be easy easy to read.


Thats not all!

  • Simple, Minimal and Elegant UI
  • Intuitive interface
  • Beautiful Typography.
  • Gestures based controls. Tap on a task and it gets marked as done.
  • No distracting colors.